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MAJIF – A cure for Medico-Legal Disease

What does MAJIF offer?
1. Professional indemnity coverage at very reasonable rates.
2. Disability income at unbeatable rates.
3. Major medical benefits for you and your family at very low rates.
4. Personal accident/dismemberment and death benefits at reasonable rates.
5.Payment of MAJIF members’ Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ) annual dues
6. Risk management seminars held twice a year
7. Any surplus arising is for your benefit.

This is a fund for you. Give it your full support. It needs you to succeed.

What will MAJIF do?
1. Provide advice on professional practice issues.
2. Mediate between members and patients in matters arising from professional conduct.
3. Represent members in Court, if necessary.
4. Settle claims up to the amounts specified in the member’s policy.
5. Provide education on professional risk management.

Who needs MAJIF coverage?
Members of the medical profession
Other health professionals.

Do not wait for an accident to happen. Get protected and risk aware.
Please call the MAJ for more information or visit:

Other advantages
Your management team are members of your Association.
You will have immediate contact should a problem arise.
You can seek advice otherwise on any matter needing urgent attention.
Surpluses will be reflected in future reduction of premium rates.


Q(1)         What insurances are offered by MAJIF?

A(1) i)              Professional Indemnity

ii)                   Disability Income Benefit (sickness/accident)

iii)                  Personal Accident/Dismemberment

iv)                  Life Insurance (death benefit)

v)                   Major Medical/Hospital (health) Insurance

See Booklet for full description of above


Q(2) What is the basis of cover for the insurances offered by MAJIF?

A(2) “Claims Incurred Basis” which means so long as insurance was in force at the time the claim was incurred, the claim will be honoured. This is particularly important for Professional Indemnity as there can be long delays in the reporting and settlement of such claims.  A claim is not necessarily immediately obvious and may emerge many years after it was incurred.  The insurance does not have to be in place when the claim is reported or settled.  The policyholder (member) may even be dead by then and the claim would still be honoured.


Q(3) With respect to Professional Indemnity, how do we know that the coverage is adequate to cover the likely claims?

A(3) Effective July 1, 2007 MAJIF offers four levels of cover, namely J$5m, J$15M, J$25M, $50.0M respectively.  The Board adjusts the    top level to be in line with the most recent large claims in Jamaica.  We believe that J$50M will be quite adequate for 2010/11.  We  review coverage every year to keep in line. We offer more than one level of coverage to facilitate the membership of MAJIF since some may not think they need the highest level offered.


Q(4) How is it that MAJIF carries monetary amounts for the Professional Indemnity coverage while some  carriers do not?

A(4) The Board of MAJIF decided that members should know the maximum amount for which they are covered so as to facilitate their better financial planning and risk management. Carriers that do not state the maximum coverage may have full latitude in deciding on the limit of coverage when a claim arises.


Q(5) How can we be assured about the financial strength of MAJIF?

A(5) Financial strength finally comes mainly from a large number of members, adequate premium rates, adequate capital and reserves and good management.  Hence, we encourage all to join.



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